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AR15 Trigger Job?

Posted by KAT on 3rd Aug 2015

Trigger Job? Isn't that something a gun smith does? Well yes a gunsmith can take an existing trigger group from an AR-15 and modify it. He could machine it, polish it and otherwise modify it for better/different operation.

Or Maybe... You could work on your own trigger group. Now we're not recommending you start machining, polishing your trigger group (unless you're a trained gunsmith) but there's a bunch you can do yourself to improve your AR-15 trigger. Maybe you're looking for just a smoother trigger pull or just a lighter trigger pull. The stock trigger is usually around six and a half pound pull.

There's a few places that just sell replacement springs to lighten the hammer spring and therefore the trigger pull. The lighter trigger spring can lead to less that required force striking the firing pin. Be careful when you deviate from the "standard" without replacing the "package".

Most AR15's come with the stock mil spec trigger package. It's not the best but let's be honest, it's not bad. Eugene gave us a pretty clean and simple trigger.

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars for a better trigger. You can start with just a modest upgrade. has triggers from CMMG and Daniel Defense. Rock River Arms makes a really nice two stage set for only $79.99!

Geissele makes so nice high end two stage triggers and they start around $165.

All these can be done by just your average mechanically inclined person. Some aftermarket triggers are available as a drop-in which makes it almost a no brainer.